sketches of spring

Here are a few journal sketches from the last couple months.

circling chinook

I love this little moleskine watercolour notebook i have, but I always forget I’m carrying it. I have this intention to carve out little niches of time in which to draw on a daily basis – that was the idea behind getting a pocket-sized notebook, at least – but it’s surprisingly difficult to actually do this. It seems that the only times I draw in it are when I deliberately set out on adventures with drawing as a goal, on when I’m on the train and the stillness and sitting for hours forces me into the drawing niche.

drawing with a friend at the AGO

I’d like to be one of those artists that, seized by a flash of passion, whips out her sketchbook to capture a fleeting moment of beauty in a frenzied blur of pencil, on a busy sidewalk or a crowded restaurant.

greening up

So romantic, right? Ha. I should probably adjust that vision to account for the fact that working from home doesn’t present a lot of frenzied moments.

Nope, no frenzy here.

Hope you’re having a calm and sunbeam filled day, too.




2 Responses

  1. Oh that picture of Bird is a precious treasure! ❤

  2. […] Sketches of spring […]

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