In the  greenhouse at the community centre where I garden, seedlings are growing growing growing…

speckled trout romaine & golden chard


And in the community plot greens are growing growing growing! (Dig those purple orach sprouts! purple!)

greens and carrots and the new sign

We made a new sign for the garden: acrylic paint thumbprints + sharpie marker legs and antennae = bugs

sugar snap peas climb the pine arbor

I love how quickly peas grow once they have germinated, all those fine grasping twining tendrils curling and seeking…

And I love the symmetry of nature, that grape vines use this same support strategy. I spied these tendrils in a pile of vine prunings on the curb and clipped a few; stuck in my heavy spikey floral frog they make such a sprightly explosion of a bouquet, don’t you think?

My cat seems to have claimed this corner of my work table and this 10am sunbeam for his morning naps. Maybe this will be his regular contribution to the blog, posing for portraits with my art supplies? I’m such a sucker for a cat in a sunbeam.

blue glory, watercolour (sold)

And here’s my latest painting, which kitty was sitting on in the previous studio-sunbeam photo. The flowers are called Lucile’s Glory-of-the-Snow, or properly Chionodoxa luciliae, a bulbous perennial that I spied a few weeks ago naturalized all over my father-in-law’s front yard. Drifts of vivid blue peeking up through the grass…

So, what’s growing where you are? Are you too nurturing tiny miraculous sprouts of this and that?


2 Responses

  1. I love those grape vine tendrils. And of course your painting is loverly. My peony is growing in quite a force and Sarah kindly planted some ranunculus (one of my favourites) in the pot too, which have also just started sprouting. My other “little sprouts” are sprouting up bigger now too! 😀

  2. whoa! i can’t get over how far ahead toronto is in the growing season!!! i guess the -1 C temperatures and snow today in montreal don’t help so much. my little sugar snap pea shoots are about one pinkie nail tall!! but i did see my first iris in bloom today, so here’s to hoping the spring weather is around the corner and meaning to stay…

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