Sugar Snap Peas

We planted peas everywhere this year, after discovering last year that one can never have too many snap peas. It’s an impossibility parallel to having too many strawberries.

how do you like my ornate-frame-as-trellis? it's a 'masterpeas'! har har.

And now they are growing gangbusters, I kid you not, centimeters a day. If i was looking for a really zen procrastination tool, I could sit down and actually see them growing, I bet.

I love all their clinging, wrapping, twisty, reaching tendrils. Talk about team work. Every plant doing its part to support its neighbours. Way to go, peas.

And those blossoms? Papery white translucence, pale veins of green decorating the petals like the most delicate lace.

Here is my own attempt to replicate that sweet ephemeral beauty.


hope you all your gardens are gorgeous and green too,



5 Responses

  1. Love the peas watercolour! (our peas are doing great as well, even though it is nowhere near as warm here!)

  2. I think this is sweet and beautiful.

  3. OoOooo lovely watercolour!! You’ve got a good handle on that media!

  4. it blows me away that you can make it look SO MUCH like the real peas with watercolour. how do you make them glow?

  5. i can’t find your email but have been wanting to thank you so much for music you shared with me. . . i was kind of obsessive about listening to it for a while. had some crazy life and it was on constant play in my car. so thanks! (i wrote about you hope that’s ok. . .)

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