Summer’s glory

My heart is all a tumble after a week at the farm – full of a thousand shades of green growth, windy fields of wild flowers, grass up to my armpits, sun gold in my eyes, barn swallows’ diving flight, fresh sweet deep breaths of cool night, wood smoke, mosquito bites. Pollen and nectar and insects seething into petal crevices and the scent of milkweed blossoms rich in the air (did you know that milkweed smells like jasmine? me neither. a revelation.)

Less words, more images: to fill your own imagination with summer’s glory.

a morning view from the farm porch

since there are no more cattle grazing the fields they have exploded with wildflowers. stunning.

each bud inscribed with a star

i spy, with my little eye, something that is red...

...wild strawberries!

farm lunches are good lunches

the last of the shy and suspicious cows


and from our own "farm", peas and chard and kale and orach and arugula, oh my

And did you know? the smell of carrots fresh pulled from the ground is the smell of heaven, I swear. I had forgotten that carrots even had any kind of scent, at all. We thinned our patch the other day, and with the first tug of slender orange root from the moist soil came this aroma – spicy, tangy, sweet, astringent, dark: and I am ten years old, tangly blond-haired, mosquito-bitten, stealing carrots from my auntie’s garden in my swimsuit.

I will grow carrots forever to hold on to that memory.

What i want from my life: that nature’s grace and my own creativity should cross-pollinate as easily, flow so bountifully as they did last week, for all the rest of my days.

And for yours!


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  2. […] Summer’s glory […]

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