I’m thinking a lot about cycles and circles these days, beginnings and endings and growth and the constant flow of life.

Last week C and i celebrated three years of marriage and 7 years together with a nice dinner out and a leisurely hike to pick wild strawberries. Our “haul”:

wild strawbs and black raspberries

They were so hard to find! Strawberry vines don’t bear fruit on the same vine for long; they send out runners each year that root and form new plants that bear fruit the following year. So in a wild patch it is a bramble of new, young plants, two-year old fruiting ones, and leafy old growth, with all the berries inevitably hiding under leaves. It was a tantalizing game of hide-and-seek, peering under the greenery for those sweet little jewels.

Grandma and Bird have a last snuggle

Far less pleasant last week was saying goodbye to our little buddy; he’s gone now to sit in that great big sunbeam in the sky. It was a terribly hard decision to make – such a heavy responsibility – but I know it was the right thing for him. We had four sweet years of companionship from him, beginning right around the time C and I decided to get married, spanning the move from Montreal to Toronto, C completing graduate school, my career beginning to taking form and the inception of this blog. What comes now? I had such big plans for the summer. Today I just feel at a loss.

Since Bird has been gone however this little fella has been visiting our balcony intermittently. Though the full grown ones are pests I can’t help feeling sympathy for this little one.

He’s so tiny – that’s a folding lawn chair in the right of that bottom photo. Where’s momma?

And then, I have a nephew on the way. A most exciting and anticipated beginning! This past weekend was full of celebrations to welcome and prepare for him. I made this painting for his nursery, a sleeping beastie to set the mood.

"Goodnight, wild one" watercolour and acrylic ink

I admit it may look a little like a sleeping kitty I once knew…


2 Responses

  1. I’m sorry about Bird 😦
    Your grandma looks like you!

  2. Congrats to you and C.

    Sorry to hear about Bird.

    that painting is so amazingly wonderful, I would have LOVED to own it as a child… who am I kidding – I would LOVE to own it now 😉

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