Home, sweet home

Our new place is still too full of boxes for photographing, so here are some of the lovely wee details I’ve noticed in the past couple of days:


and knobs,

and floors,

and ceilings,

twisting vines, that arrived intact,

and metal vines to match,

and an oldschool sort of approach to functional things also being decorative.

There’s lots of room for plants!

and i realized in this move that I have a LOT of plants.

(but there’s no such thing as too many plants, is there.)

And now there is an oh-so-convenient hose to water them with (yay!)

and a stoop to sun them on (and to sit with morning coffee)

which is also a nice place to watch the neighbourhood sparrows,

and feed them our homegrown sunflower seeds!

There is a huge, stately maple in the yard,

(maple vs. clothesline = MAPLE WIN)

and a very exuberant grapevine on the fence,

whose sour, bitter little grapes yielded this warm dove-brown dye.

(that’s the undyed merino on the right)

There’s rich black earth and room to grow things in,

a lumber yard over the fence,

and a great market a pleasant bike-ride away,

where it was hard to limit ourselves to just this fine selection. Yum.

I love it here.

Have i mentioned?


5 Responses

  1. Looks lovely. What prompted the change of city?

  2. It looks magical. Can we move in with you?

    Congratulations on the art show, by the way. The photos looked wonderful. I’ve always wanted to make a bunting like that to hang in Miss M’s room but I’ve never gotten around to it (plus! I can’t sew). I love how homey they always look, and that they’re such a great use for fabric scraps.

  3. Wow, it looks beautiful! Definitely a place I can easily imagine as your home. Love the pics!

  4. Your new place looks fantastic, Anna. It might require a visit one day!

    Best wishes!

  5. I love this post! God is in the details… Bless your new home!

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