Twin baby quilts


Beedle-dee-deet, dee-dee! Two babies!

Beedle-dee-deet, dee-dee! TWO babies!

Beedle-dee-deet, dee-DEE!

…and she’s the only MOM, yeah!

My best friend back home and super-champion-mom-extraordinaire had twins a few weeks ago, and C and I went out to BC for a couple weeks to help out with the sweet babes.

I made the girls each a little quilt, using this pattern, tie dyed flannel, and super soft minky for the back.

This was the most complicated and meticulous quilt pattern I have ever attempted! So much cutting.

Looooove the tie dyed flannel, though. Oh boy. If only all my clothing could be made from it! It would be a cozy and colourful life…

I’ll have to settle for living vicariously through the quilts I made, where I get to be wrapped around these sweet little warm babies every day!

I have lots more pictures from our trip, but I’ll save them for another post. I’ll leave you instead with the song I’m quoting there with my “beedle-dee-deet, dee-dee”-ing, in case you didn’t catch the reference:

Just substitute “babies” for “ladies”, and “mom” for “man” and I’m sure the song will be stuck in you head too!

Beedle-dee-deedle dee-dee!






5 Responses

  1. So cute it’s almost criminal! What amazing babies, and ballin quilts! Thanks for sharing Anna!

    Love Mike

  2. Those are some gorgeous babies (and quilts!).

  3. Maybe I’m biased but those are some wicked awesome quilts we will lovingly cherish forever. Thanks for all your help and love! Also, those pictures tell such a nice story of your visit. I love it! and you!

  4. super cute babies, their mama looks so good for just having twins! awesome quilts too.

  5. […] was great to be in BC for a few weeks. It is amazing to see how the twins have grown since this time last year. Sigh. I love all these babes so much. And their parents. And my parents. It’s hard to live […]

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