What’s your favourite band or artist to listen to when you need a cheer up? I’m noticing a definite trend in my music collection towards the melancholy and pensive  (‘sad bastard’ music, as a friend once called it). I could use some pep.

I’m having a hard time finding my groove lately. Maybe it’s coming down off the little contact-high I had from all that sweet baby exposure in the past three weeks. There is something about holding a sleeping babe that made my heart clear and put it all in perspective…


Mr. Nephew McSweetpants has grown a lot in the last few weeks. He's over 15lbs now!


But it seems the effect is only temporary. The days are getting shorter, colder… I’m probably still suffering a little post-art-show let down, too. What is next? I put so much energy and thought into getting to here, but now I feel at a loss. Since being back in Hamilton again there is a distinct muddiness going on.

It’s hard to keep my eye on the prize sometime, working in my studio all alone most days. I miss having coworkers. It’s be nice if there was someone across the hall to take coffee breaks with, laugh, get a second opinion, bounce ideas off of. Besides which, what is the prize, anyway? I imagine a studio buddy would remind me of why I have chosen this path on days like today when I’m scratching my head.

Where do you find the energy you need to keep going when the going gets tough? I’d appreciate your tips (and cheer-up music suggestions!).

Drop me a line at info@annaborstad.com





2 Responses

  1. i recommend the bats (especially fear of god) when you need some up energy in your music. it’s not explicitly happy music, but the tone and pace always perk me up.

    once i was feeling down and having a migraine and i decided to listen to “this will be our year” by the zombies over and over until i felt better, and it actually worked.

    oh, and caribou. and unrest.

    hope that helps!

  2. queen helps lift my spirits. also, almost anything with harmonies, real singing. gospel music. whatever you believe, i find the spirit moves me with gospel.

    going for walks or skipping also tend to chase blues away, or at least bring me back to a place where i can actually deal with the thing i think i’m upset about (which is usually not the thing i’m really upset about).

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