Steinway Pendant No.2

I made another of the Steinway hammers into a pendant – this one features hammer #2, which produces the 2nd lowest note on a piano, the Bb just over three octaves below middle C (29.1352 Hz).

When I was in Toronto last week I made an effort to seek out the *perfect* beads to complement the hammers.  The mexican silver beads I used for my mother-in-law’s necklace, even though they were a little tarnished, just felt a little too… shiny. After humming and hawing for many minutes I settled on some lovely cultured pearls.

They are a nice warm, variable grey, with hints of gold and pink that pick up the magenta wool and wooden shank of the hammer. I like how pearls sort of… glow.

This necklace has a button-and-loop closure and is a little shorter, at about 18 inches long.  When worn it hangs right on the breastbone, and I imagine that all the music and energy and harmony the hammer produced in its useful life still resonates from it, right into the heart. There’s something deeply calming about the tear-drop shape and focused shape that invites this contemplation…

You can find this pendant listed on etsy, and This pendant already sold (!), but it will be followed soon by further hammer-pendants in different sizes and styles. I think they would make nice gifts, don’t you?


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