The Breakwater


the breakwater (watercolours on paper)

Something happens sometimes when i’m painting, that i have a clear idea in mind of what I think i’m making, and then… something else happens entirely. i thought there was going to be a lighthouse..

and a ship…

I guess this is what writers are talking about when they say sometimes that their characters have minds of their own.

– – – – –

Breakwaters are the massive, weighty barriers we erect to protect our shores from the fierce storms of life – a rock wall to face and bear the full force of the crashing waves, a shield to keep the harbour safe and unscathed, to keep our shores from being washed away…

I am learning to take refuge in this practice – whether at anchor or adrift. Storm clouds gathering ominously above me, be damned! Whenever I feel the winds whipping at my coat, I can hold tight to my pencil or paintbrush and trust the breakwater to keep me safe.


One Response

  1. Lovely – that’ called making art. Exploring on the edge of the unknown is what it’s all about. Keep up the fearless work.

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