The cocktail party

I drew my first ever cartoon yesterday, sort of on a dare.

I have this idea that cartoons should be quickly achieved and simply executed, but I really don’t know how to draw that way… so I photoshop-ed the heck out of my scribble, and here you are:

Believe it or not, I’m trying to have a sense of humour about my neuroses. Ha, ha! Ha… ha?

Happy New Year!


8 Responses

  1. The response of the Anna in the cartoon should have been more like – Oh that’s too bad! I am sooo sorry. I spend my days thinking deep thoughts about the meaning of life, observing the colour of the sunrise, and the sound of running water. I am developing a keen sense of reality and mortality, and spreading joy and creativity wherever I go. I am leaving a trail that others can follow. I feel sorry for you office workers on treadmills with big mortgages. You too could follow my lead if you had the courage….


  2. Love it! xo

  3. Whoa, Dad! Best. Response. Ever.

  4. Ars longa Vita brevis.

    Name a beancounter or lawyer or real estate etc. from a 100 years ago.


    Now name an artist. No contest who is more important in the greater scheme of things.

    It is a gift not a neuroses.

  5. Brava, Anna!

  6. Awesome! “job-jobs” are for suckers anyway.

  7. “I’m an artist”

    Yes you are!!!!!

  8. Oh man, I love Dad’s response. Pink Dress Lady sounds like she might actually have a sad, ridiculous life. And you are not only an artist, but you certainly seem to be a productive, engaged, joyful one. And I can’t imagine a better (less sad! less ridiculous!) life than that.

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