That post that makes you drool all over your keyboard

I’m way behind on my photo-uploading. New camera doesn’t like old lap top, there’s been some communication breakdown, they’re on a break. Currently new camera is getting to know C’s lap top, and there is a budding romance. Sadly it is an illicit affair that must be conducted between the hours when C is out at the office, so it is surely doomed to be a fling.


A few weeks ago, i made The Best Chocolate Cupcakes, and then took a billion photos of them while playing with the field of focus. Here are a dozen of them, for your drooling pleasure.

You might want a bib.

yup, chocolate and butter on the floor. what? i'm impeccable.

piping kit is the key to swirly professional looking icing mountains

The icing is what really makes the cupcake – and I’m not usually an icing kind of girl, so that’s saying something. I got the recipe from my old boss at Looolo textiles, but I think it’s originally from Martha Stewart. If you can’t read my scrawl in the photo above, it’s 1 pound of dark chocolate (i used cocoa camino 70% cocoa dark), 6 tablespoons each of cocoa and water, 1 1/2 c butter, and 1/2 c icing sugar. ONE POUND of chocolate. Yes. Now you understand why this icing is delish. It’s whipped ganache, really. What’s not to like??

The cupcakes themselves were good too, but let’s be honest folks. With this icing, cake is just a vehicle for ganache delivery. I can copy out the batter recipe too if anyone likes – it’s a vegan spelt-cocoa-coffee-vinegar recipe, of which there are many kicking about the interwebs.

back to the photos.

yeah. they were tasty.

hope you’re having a sweet day!


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  1. Those look quite amazing, and are almost convincing me that I need to get off my sofa and bake something delicious. At almost 12:30 a.m. And I might give in to the urge, but I’m pretty sure starting a kitchen project in the wee-est hours of the day is unlikely to end in either joy or good cupcakes. And certainly not both. 😉

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