Alright, I’m going to give this 365 photo project a shot. That’s a photo-a-day, for a year, for anyone who hasn’t heard of the challenge, or in fact done it themselves.


It’s day three, and already I have concerns:

1. Drowning in photos. I already take oodles more photos then I manage to blog about. Isn’t this just going to add to that backlog?

2. Becoming an annoying camera-limbed-cyborg, absorbed in the process of photographing my life to the exclusion of uhm, living life. I don’t exactly need any encouragement in the navel-gazing department.

3. This blog becoming very boring, as you see more of the unedited scope of my experience. Letting show the Not Brilliant, Not Artful minutia of every day? Really?

Little notebooks - I like to carry a small notebook with me wherever I go. And I'm a sucker for anything rainbow-y. Pretty.

Ironically, I’m not at all concerned that I might miss a day or fall off the wagon of actually taking a photo every day — that part comes easily enough. Especially now that i have this nice new camera to play with.

Very small blouse-dress from a friend, I'm working on letting out the side seams today so that it fits me.

I’m far more concerned that in worrying to capture a little of something everyday, I’ll overcompensate, have far more photos ‘than I need’, and not be able to decide which one photo really ‘represents’ today best. Witness, this post, full of contenders for that coveted Photo Number Three position.

Ukranian pear juice, purchase solely because the label reminded me of my 'Vision' painting. Juice was good too.

I’m not going to try to post here every day with my photo – that’d be plain crazy. I’ve created a new flickr set for this project, and I’ll aim to update that every couple of days or so. I’ll share my favourites here with you though. And of course you’re welcome to follow along on the flickr site, if you’re into that kind of thing.

this is a crochet lantern in progress, in the style of ressurection fern

I know at least two of you out there did the 365 project last year. What did you think about the process? What did you learn? Do you have any sage advice to give me, ye olde newb that I am? Anyone else out there want to join me?


5 Responses

  1. I think the point is to not over think it! Just snap and upload. And don’t worry about having to many photos. Taking lots of pictures is the point too. So you will get better. I think you really have to restrain yourself in terms of overthinking it. Just pick one! Outta a hat if you have to and then MOVE ON! šŸ˜€ Lots of love!

  2. I think doing one where it’s not limited to self-portraits is a good idea. I got so sick of my own face, and of the pressure to “look good” at least once a day. But I gather you’re doing just a photo a day, not necessarily a self-portrait. So to that I say: YES. Good idea.

    I learned that I’m a lot lazier with my photography skills than I had hoped to be. I often copped out of taking an interesting or original picture and just took a picture for the sake of having it over with. That part was disappointing. I suppose I’m a lazy creative type. I’m not sure if that’s totally ridiculous to say (given how prolific I was during the early part of last year when I was unemployed and knitting a billion things a day), but that’s how it feels. I like my creativity to come when it comes, and for me to be able to let it go when I want to let it go. Committing myself to the 365 taught me that that kind of commitment isn’t my thing. I need breaks from my creativity. But being a bit of a perfectionist (a lazy perfectionist? do the contradictions never stop?), it was hard for me to give up/let go of expectations once I’d committed to doing the project. So I kind of quietly resented it but kept on with it at the same time. Le sigh! (Really, it wasn’t all bad — I did get some great shots from time to time, and was so happy to have a record of the year like that. It’s just… I wouldn’t do it again.)

    • thanks for your insights, Jana — yes the idea of limiting it to self-portraits I think would be a recipe for failure/avoidance/crisis/you-name-it!
      I’m curious to see myself how this goes – – – stay tuned, I guess!

  3. Yes – I get bogged down with photographing everything that I’m doing too, now that I have a blog. I’m not always able to do this but I try to limit myself to one – three shots of any one subject. Often I find that the first shot is the best anyway. This helps cut down on the editing time.

    I don’t know if I could keep up with a post a day! May you be blessed with endurance and a committed heart!

    • thanks for the tip Sherri, that sounds like a good idea. I think this exercise for me is mainly going to be about Done-Is-Better-Than-Perfect. A good rule in general, but particularly appropriate to blogging…

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