A friend pointed out that my 365 photo project recently has become all about sprouty things.

Seriously. I’m thrilled. Gob-smacked. Do you understand how amazing spring is? Have you really noticed what is going on in the ground under your feet, in the warming air, the rising sap? The robins returning? I feel about spring and sprouty things a little like this guy does about double rainbows.

I know this video is “so 2010″… It became infamous and the videographer himself became the butt of many jokes last summer when it was first posted — but I absolutely love this for its honesty and rapture. The awe and wonder in his voice, how very moved and broken this man is by what he sees — it is s0 beautiful and infectious. Even after many viewings the clip still bring me genuine joy. Why aren’t we ALL this moved by the beauty of nature that surrounds us? What’s wrong with us?

Cause spring really is some kind of frickin’ miracle. I’d say that spring is intoxicating, except that is just not the right connotation at all. I think the reverse is more true, that the return of spring brings us back to our senses, not farther from them, that spring revives us, it reminds us of the fantastic power of life, it reinvigorates us, infuses us with new passion and zest:

A new painting, as yet un-named. Any ideas for it?

Spring has done me the benevolent favour of melting away the creative block that I’ve been stuck under all winter, and this new painting is the byproduct.  Sprouts on the brain, I say! And good timing too; starting this friday, I’ll be showing work at our neighbourhood cafe, The Heart of the Hammer, ’til April 30th. If I’m lucky and manage to hold onto the muse, there might be another new painting to join this one in the display, too…


C and I made a cold frame for our seedlings outside; this is me waving hi to the tomatoes and broccoli sprouts. And to you! Hi. 🙂


In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.

-Albert Camus

Be well, my friends.



6 Responses

  1. I love that painting!
    What about Reaching for a Double Rainbow?

  2. This post made me smile — you are so dear and so thoughtful with your words. I love it. 🙂

  3. So unbelievably energizing. We just had a big retreat for everyone in Ghana and Burkina, and the theme was spring – these images so powerfully align with the ideas I have about that season. Thanks Anna.

  4. that painting is amazing! growing, reaching, springing, spring something, it’s great.

  5. beautiful post, anna!

  6. Hey Anna,

    Mike sent me your blog when yesterday I was reflecting on that beautiful transition from winter to spring! Great post, you captured some of the feelings I’ve been missing in Ghana (since there really isn’t spring).

    As your for your painting, it’s pretty awesome! I wouldn’t mind buying it if you dare to sell. The walls of my home in Tamale are quite bare at the moment!

    Thanks for the great post, take care!

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