Hand carved stamps

I was archiving some photos to my external hard drive today and found a handful of project photos from the holiday season I had meant to show you months ago! It’s catch up day.

I made a lot of stamps as Christmas presents last year – here are my favourites. Ex Libris stamps for my Dad and brother:

And an artichoke stamp for my mom (as per her request):

I really love hand carved stamps and keep meaning to make more – they’re fun to carve and fun to use too. Geninne uses them so effectively… I’ve got a huge artist-crush on her work. I also love the stamps made by local Hamilton artist Corabelle – super cute. I like how hand carved stamps retain an artist’s drawing style, but are bolder, more graphic, more condensed somehow.

Since the holiday season I’ve made myself a few stamps too. I’ve got this idea of having a panoply of tiny unusual animal stamps. My first two efforts:

Wildly differing in scale, ha. Well the elk is tiny at least!

And also a wee froggie.

I made this little star stamp to use on my calendar. (Star marks days that I sat meditation – hearts mark days I went to yoga. It’s a bit kindergarten-y, I admit, but a girl needs all the positive reinforcement she can get!)

What other stamps do you think would be useful or fun?


2 Responses

  1. Those stamps are stupendous! I love them all! Your stamps for your dad and brother are especially nice!

  2. And I of course love my artichoke! You should see all the neat cards I’ve made with it…

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