Creative DIY art show display ideas

So in a couple of weeks I’m going to be having baby’s first art fair experience, and I haven’t any way to display my prints and greeting cards at the event. And no budget. What’s a girl to do?

Let the internet searches begin!

Peace Owl has a cute display... and a fort!

Suitcases: either right-side up and open, like Peace Owl has them here, or propped up on one side = a great prop to add height and keep small prints and cards organized. I wish I was going to have room to build a sweet fort like she did at her latest fair:

Furniture: Cupboards, shelves, you name it… from your own home or bought cheaply at garage sales. Practical display space, and just funky and unique looking. Has character.

A nice credenza in the booth by VintageButterfly94

Multiples of the same ready-made furniture looks professional and is a nice backdrop for potters Tashamck's work

Custom-made DIY booths: They look really cool, organized, possessional… custom built means that display and storage can be integrated into one sleek and tidy package. This one reminds me a bit in shape and size of a chip wagon. 🙂

the Tugboat Printshop booth

Unusual display racks for small items — check out this split bamboo shelving unit. Super. Also crystal dishes, metal plates (oh! shiny!) and baskets.

split bamboo display shelves by josiebutter on flickr

Signage: Gotta have your name out there! I love how Lush Lampworks used big colourful posters to show details of their jewelery and give information about how their product is made. Without the posters this booth would be a bit drab and lacking in height, but with the posters it’s super eye-catching.

Great use of signage and posters by Lush Lampwork

bunting and vintage lace table cloths used to good effect by Lyrebird

Decorative elements: Tablecloths, flowers, bunting… pretty things other than the wares you’re hawking add visual interest and set a mood. I really like the country feel of the jam and soap booth above… feels like a picnic.

Lovely display by the super talented Katie Daisy

And then there’s Katie Daisy’s display above…. I love just everything about it. It has a colour  scheme! It has bunting! And baskets! And a gaudy gold frame (oh, shiny!) And practical hinging pegboard to display her prints. And a cute bouquet of flowers. I think I’ve found my muse…. 🙂

Hmmm, inspiration tastes delicious. Now I’m off to the drawing board to dream up my own display. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Hope you’re enjoying a sunny day out there, darlings.

xo Anna


3 Responses

  1. lots of great ideas & i love katie daisy! so super cute. . .

  2. What did you decide? I always like to keep it simple and let the work shine. Good luck with your show.

  3. Well I see this post is a little old now but I just found it in a google search seeking this very thing. I have a big show coming up next month that requires a backdrop and I was looking for some ideas. Your post has given me some ideas and I feel like I have more to go off of now. So thanks!

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