Paper & Crayons, or: How to have a Good Time

67/365 -- doodling at the Heart of the Hammer. See the rest of my daily photos by clicking here to go to flickr!

Friday night was my ‘Doodle-Mingle’ at the Heart of the Hammer Cafe & Bar where my art is showing this month (aka art opening/reception).  I covered the tables with paper, put out crayons, and wrote doodle prompts on each of the tables to encourage people to play and talk to each other. It was a great time and by the end of the evening all the tables were covered in colourful scribbly masterpieces. And I think people liked my artwork, too… 🙂

I’m wondering if there is something I can do for the fundraiser in May, an activity or decoration I can add to my 3’x8′ vendor’s table that is in this same spirit. It’s my first time selling at such a big event, and I want to have fun with it and not be too too formal, but this doodling idea isn’t feasible with the small space and high traffic. Do you have any ideas as to how can I make my table inviting and interactive? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


2 Responses

  1. Maybe you could string clotheslines, then use colorful clothespins to hang small pieces of paper with doodles done by you (& friends?, & show customers?)

  2. Love the idea for doodles!! 🙂

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