Relearning loveliness

The bud

stands for all things,

even for those things that don’t flower,

for everything flowers, from within, of self-blessing;

though sometimes it is necessary

to reteach a thing its loveliness,

to put a hand on the brow

of the flower,

and retell it in words and in touch,

it is lovely

until it flowers again from within, of self-blessing

– Galway Kinnell

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden lately, and other people’s gardens too, since I’ve begun a part-time job gardening a couple of days a week. Things are flowering, setting fruit; the world is green. It’s been good to get outside so much, out-of-doors, out of the studio, out of my head. You notice a lot of things, when you’re done on your knees with your hands in the dirt. Like, how life is pretty good, when you’re calm and grounded enough to notice.


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  1. Oh, Anna, I know we don’t really know each other except a little through blogs and email, but I just think you’re the bees knees. Really, the Kinnell excerpt and your beautiful garden photos and your equally lovely prose–reminders of things I need reminding of in multiple ways just now. Thanks. xo

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