Colour, shape, dis/order

A friend sent me this link this morning, a blog post from NPR about artist Ursus Wehrli, and I just had to laugh. Go have a look, will you? I’ll wait here. Extreme tidying up.

Okay, so why am I laughing, particularly, besides the obvious? Because I’m looking Wehrli’s before-and-after parking lot photos:

And I’m thinking of my own photos from our week at the cottage….

beach rocks sorted by colour, natch

I spent a couple of hours every day we were at the cottage beach combing, and honestly I could probably happily would have done it all day, save for inhibitions about what one “should” do at the cottage – namely, eat, sleep, be social… The rocks all along the coast of lake Huron are just beautiful. Such a diversity of colours! I mean, on the west coast you sort of get your grey rocks, your dark gray rocks, your pale grey rocks, your speckled grey rocks, your nearly black grey rocks, and sometimes, some quartz. But this area on Huron lake is full of amazing coloured rocks! I’ve blogged about this before. My enthusiasm hasn’t abated. I could have gleefully sorted that whole beach into rainbow order, if I’d had enough time!

The funny thing is, even while I was enjoying myself so much, making my little piles of orange, green, and red rocks, I felt silly doing it. I kept scolding myself for not looking up to soak in the enormous sky, the seemingly endless water – you know, as if there is a hierarchy of ways in which to fully appreciate the beauty of a place like this, and I was *doing it wrong* by enjoying myself so much with this mindless colourplay.

Oh dear. Inhibitions. I have so very many!

So what a joy to see some other artist having been stricken with a similar obsession with colour and order, take it to this wonderful extreme. I love it!

And now, for more pictures of pretty rocks. Smee 🙂

And if you read my post about stones from Bruce County about a year ago, you’ll notice that the little babe joyfully announced in that post is the same tyke picture above. Happy first birthday, Ryan!

No, you can’t eat that rock.

May you be well, friends. xo Anna


4 Responses

  1. i’m not sure if i already emailed you this article, but when i first read it, i was immediately reminded of your original post about collecting and sorting beach rocks! and when i was combing the shores of cape breton, i was definitely channeling some anna action!

    i don’t think that there is a single silly thing about focusing in on the tiny little bits of beauty, by the way!!

  2. I had to laugh too … at the synchronicity of the parking lot cars and your beach rocks and also because of your last photo. I have my own little pile of heart shaped rocks beside me. love your photos … looks like an amazing place.

  3. Wow! Those rocks are incredibly lovely–I love your color-sorted piles! I’m definitely not a sorting type (sadly, really…), but I am absolutely a beach scavenging, collecting, could-do-it-for-hours type. When I first saw the coast of the Pacific Northwest, with all its incredible beached logs and driftwood, someone with me MIGHT have observed that it was a good thing we didn’t have a car with us. I MIGHT have been tempted to collect entire trees…

  4. Gorgeous! I love the heart shaped rock! Happy Bday Ryan!

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