Homemade stuffies

I saw something out in the garden a few weeks ago I meant to tell you about…

I snuck up on the mysterious beast…

We made eye contact through the leaves…

It was a playful creature, he seemed to delight on playing hide and seek!

I almost caught him by the tail…

But he could hear me coming (with those magnificent ears) and ran off again…

Ah ha! I’ve got you now!

I made this stuffy for my nephew’s first birthday. C went to a Tiger Cat’s game, and while she was away I whipped him up… no pattern, of course, which is why he’s a bit wonky unique, and uhm, TV shaped.  It made a hell of a mess! Between the minky and the kapok stuffing there was wispy, static-y fuzz everywhere. His body is super soft microfiber minky, face is linen, nose and horns are leather, teeth are felt, button eyes. I stuffed him with kapok I had leftover from some Looolo pillows, so he’s super, duper cushy. He’s also about as big as my nephew. Heh. Oh well, he’ll grow into it…

And then last week while I was in BC, I made a couple of little (and far less ambitious) teddies for my honorary twin nieces, V&B:

Relatively speaking, they’re very simple; just two identical layers of that righteous rainbow fleece stitched together. The special thing is that they are densely stuffed and I designed their arms and legs curvy like that so that they can link up. Dancing bears! And when they’re not holding hands, they look like they’re flexing their muscles. Heh heh.

These bears are much more baby-appropriate sized than that green beastie is! The girls’ hands are just big enough to grab a bear arm. So cute, those little hands…

It was great to be in BC for a few weeks. It is amazing to see how the twins have grown since this time last year. Sigh. I love all these babes so much. And their parents. And my parents. It’s hard to live away from all of them. After two weeks away in the lush teeming green with some of my very favourite people, I’ve got a typical case of the post-vacation blues today, which you probably can’t grok from all the smiley photos above, but I assure you, it’s all frowns over here today. My house feel cold and inert, the traffic louder and grittier than I remember, and I’m really regretting the procrastination that seemed like such a good idea a couple weeks ago. I feel sad and discombobulated. I’m sure it doesn’t help that while away I almost totally abandoned my hard-won daily wellness routine (wake early, meditation, exercise, plenty of time outside, writing practice, study, sensible diet, no caffeine, no alcohol) that I know helps me feel more even keeled.  Even though no one else has ever given me a hard time about it at all, I have this internal dialogue that tells me that that disciplined self-care is Excessive, Ridiculous, Embarrassing, and Really Not Very Much Fun. Boo! Why is it difficult to learn these lessons?

But I digress. I’ve got to learn to stop wishing and expecting that somehow I will find a way to fold the country up like a map so that I can stroll easily from place to place and pop over for goodnight hugs whenever I like.  At least they’ve got my homemade stuffed animals to hug. I hope they can feel the love!


5 Responses

  1. Ryan loves his Mystery Beast almost as much as I do! I can’t wait until he gives him (her?) a name.
    I feel your pain on the distance from family and childhood friends; I wish I had some awesome words of advice on how I magically made the sadness go away…but I don’t. Just one of those “life” things, I guess :-\

  2. Hmm… “self care as Excessive, Ridiculous, Embarrassing, and Really Not Very Much Fun.” I can relate to this feeling. In that space I feel that I don’t want to draw attention to myself. I want to go with the flow. I don’t want to be difficult or seem like a show-off. I’m hoping, though, that it’s not just either I abandon self care or people i like and hang out with think I’m a bit precious. I’m hoping for some kind of balance point.

    As for the family and friends being far away, like Liz, I don’t know what to say. I’m sure everyone feels the stuffy-love, as well as other forms from far away.

  3. Pure joy! Wow Anna… that photo journal got me super excited to be a kid again… or at least to play with a nephew.

    I really appreciate your honesty on how you’re actually feeling as compared to the tone of the rest of the post. I’ve noticed myself many times posting something upbeat or energized and positive but feeling like that’s decoupled from where my actual mindheart space is. I love you and can’t wait to see you! Sad that the garden will probably not be around, but it’s the people that matter. Yay for family!

    Love Mike (and Hannah!)

  4. I love your stuffies! And it was a wonderful surprise to see you the other week!

  5. “He’s shaped like a big kapok-stuffed tv” doesn’t begin to do him(her?) justice! Love the eyes. Hope those ears are on tight… I want to pull on them from here 🙂

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