Hi guys,

I finally finished the long suffering 365 photo-a-day project. And it only took me 386 days! Not so bad. There are a lot of lazy, sloppy photos. There are rather a lot of surprisingly lovely ones, too. I definitely improved my photography skills while working on this. I also chipped away at the perfectionist demon on my shoulder and got comfortable with just pushing the shutter button, and not over thinking everything so much.

It’s neat looking at the whole lot of photos as a whole, seeing certain patterns emerge.  Just for fun, here is what I think is an interesting summary of the year,  a rough & quick tally of the photos I took this year:

Knitting: 6

Tie-dye projects: 7

Sunset/sunrise: 8

Nephew: 9

Friends: 12

Paintings/collages: 13

Fabric/patchwork/quilting: 15

Myself: 15

Children: 16


Flowers: 18

Sprouting things: 21

C: 31

Greenness: 33

Family: 42

Food: 52

Not surprising in the least to see what the top 5 categories are, but fun to see my interests and loves represented that way!  Yup, food would win every time… hee hee.

Yeah. You know, it’s been a pretty great year, all things considered.

Now I wish I could find an app to organise these photos by colour proportion, in a rainbow. That’d be slick.

Hope you guys are all doing well.

xo Anna








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  1. I think there may be an applications that does sort it by colour… I bet if you searched flickr something would come up…

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