Oh, hello. Have you been here all this time?

I wanted this first-post-in-a-long-time to be “something special”, but that requirement meant that I kept putting this off until the mythical time when I’d have the “right” thing to say about my absence. So eff that. Here I am. Let’s be instead the kind of friends who pick up where we left off, no matter how many years its been and what has happened in between. 

 The photo above is the pile of art that I liberated over the last few weeks, to friends and kindred spirits all over the globe. Yeah, free art! Anyone here want something? I found a few more pieces that need homes, maybe with you. Send me an email to annaborstad at hotmail dot com to help me in this art emancipation.

It has felt good to let go of these old prints and cards and what not, let go of that image of myself as “that kind” of artist. I know now only that I don’t want to try to be anything or anyone in particular but true to myself. (No one is more qualified!)



2 Responses

  1. me! i’ve always loved all variations of your art!

  2. hello. . . i was listening to your mix today and thought of you! i hope you’re well and i would love to do another little art swap with you!

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