Holiday Craft Imaginarium

We’re having a little craft party here on December 4th, so I’ve been playing around with felt and beads and such, trying to come up with an easy and kids-of-all-ages-friendly tree ornament.  I’ll let you know what the results!

Popcorn garlands, origami cranes, fragrant pine wreaths… have you got a favourite Christmas craft?

ps. Looking for where to leave a comment? Have no fear, you still can! I changed up my blog template last week, and now the comments link is at the top of the post, under the title.  Sorry for the goose chase. I always like to hear from you. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. I love those birdie ornaments. But you know me, I love a good birdie anytime!

  2. I love them too! Our tree will be sparse this year as last, since I really like the idea of gradually collecting ornaments over time. I think I should make some felt ornaments like yours. We did the popcorn and cranberry garland last year, and another favourite is gingerbread cookies with a hole for the string at the top, and decorated with piped icing and edible glitters. It’s fun to let people eat off the tree too.

    • C and I have been collecting ornaments every Christmas – my folks always give us one or two every year – and we usually make something ourselves too, so now we’ve got quite a collection! it’s one of my favourite parts about the holidays, decorating the tree and remembering each Christmas that we have shared so far. It’s like a photo-album – each decoration is a little snap shot. This year I accidently burnt a batch of gingerbread cookies so I strung them on loops and hung them on the tree too! Thanks for the idea!

  3. I’m inspired by all of this holiday decorating. Thanks!

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